Friday, August 01, 2008

Back in the saddle

Scotland is suitably grey and rainy. Will look idly out the window for an hour or so this morning and get back into it. Coming back from holidays isn't always easy. But we did see bears, and mountains. We spent time with my family in British Columbia and a week in a great summer community in Sorrento. Good worship - new friends. The whole nine yards.

The picture above is of two nice little people standing in the Columbia Ice Fields with somebody who looks like the rector of Weyburn Saskatchewan.


Boaz said...

Looks a bit deserted RR. Is it safe? Sounds like you had a good time. Well done!

Raspberry Rabbit said...

The patch where the busses left us off seemed quite safe tho a bit slippy in places. There were other spots the bus passed, though, which had these rivers disappearing down blue holes which led G-d knows where and I'd rather not have slipped into one of those.

Boaz said...

Just as well the bus had good tread on it's tyres.